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June 28, 1934 – February 8, 2000

"All of my life I have been fascinated by the grace and beauty of wild creatures. As a sculptor I feel a great responsibility to convey this grace and beauty as truly as I am able. The physical likeness is not enough…the spirit of the creature must also be revealed. It is my hope that through my sculptures I might be able to preserve for posterity some of the wildlife and personalities that were a part of our lives in the twentieth century."

Bruce Brady

Bruce Brady graduated from the Lawrenceville Preparatory School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, in 1953. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (1957) and L.L.B. Degree (1961) from the University of Mississippi. Spanning a period of thirty years he was a freelance writer, Contributing Editor, Field Editor and Editor-at-Large with Outdoor Life Magazine. His book GAME TRAILS, may be viewed on this web page.

Bruce Brady was a life-long resident of Brookhaven, MS. He was the winner of numerous awards and honors for his bronze sculptures. His wildlife sculptures and portrait busts are found in the art collections of museums, educational institutions, corporations and prestigious private collections nation-wide. His sculpture of an American bison is included in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library art collection. The U.S. Senate purchased his portrait bust of Theodore Roosevelt as a retirement gift for Senator Robert Dole.

Bruce Brady’s work has shown in numerous art exhibits, including Allied Artist of America, New York, NY and The American Artist Professional League, New York, NY where he received a number of awards. He was honored as the Featured Sculptor in the 1994 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC.

He completed a number of commissioned works, some of which include the Charlie Conerly Memorial Award for the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame. This sculpture is presented annually to Mississippi’s outstanding collegiate football player. Some other commissions include sculptures for The Nature Conservancy, State Bank and Trust Company, Mississippi Wildlife Federation, and the Outdoor Life Conservation Award for the Times Mirror Corporation.

Feature articles about Bruce and his work have appeared in Art of the West magazine, Sporting Classics, Shooting Sportsman, Outdoor Life and other periodicals.

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